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Tell us the truth... peeling a Kiwi is always feeling like Forrest Gump with the chocolate box: you never know what happens to you

Ok, we joked a little bit , just to tell you that with the quality, when you talk about kiwi, there is not much to joke about.

Quality can’t never be improvised: it’s always the result of a series of careful choices that starts from the beginning of the supply chain, in the field, to get from our customers to the final consumer!

Kiwi Kiui.jpg

"Gustavo", the "ready-to-eat" version of KIUI'

"Gustavo", was created to satisfy the needs of the most demanding customers, combining at the same time practicality of use and characteristics of qualitative excellence. Ideal for "healty" snacks, the product comes from the successful Kiuì line: its distinctive feature is the soft and sweet pulp, to be tasted "ready to eat" thanks to the eco friendly cutlery kit, which you will find in the practical 500gr. packaging.

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Geco Kiui.jpg

The "KIUI'" brand represents exactly this: a choice of uncompromising quality, to guarantee a taste experience ... without unpleasant surprises !!

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