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..."mediterraneo da vedere,

con le arance,

mediterraneo da mangiare..."

We let ourselves be influenced by this beautiful song, which best represents our Juicí brand: the citrus groves of the Mediterranean area...


A brand that wants to be a point of reference in the citrus fruit proposal of before the start  and after the end of the Italian campaign - with a "Premium" quality standard and a strong identity in the communication of packaging, with the “Majolica” theme and which identifies all Euro-Mediterranean countries.

Italy, Greece and Spain cultivate real "gems" in the territories united by their proximity to the wonderful sea that laps them.

Juicí represents its essence, by a complete citrus proposal, with a rich variety range and different formats.


A brand that  borns  from the involvement of some selected producers: various quality tests and numerous field audits, to ensure, in addition to quality, the healthiness of the products and compliance with certified phytosanitary standards.


The "Quality’s Gecko", the logo of Kiuí and Juicí, continues its search and stops where it meets quality!

Try them ... taste them ... and take a moment of sweetness, in a fragrant citrus grove of the Mediterranean!

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