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Ilfres has already started working into the fruit and vegetable production world as a protagonist, through a network of trade partnerships with carefully selected European producers, from different fields.​

Our branded products : ILFRES

“….what a freshness”! Our customers are satisfied, and we know why !​


The quality of our commercial offer is recognized, moving from different fruit and vegetable goods, all of them well-known for the highest standards production quality.First the production chain, then the integrated logistics support, together with the excellent quality features make our products “ naturally and simply” very fresh:

we really care the consumer’s food safety, this is our mission!

Products "R" Line

Our area, Apulia, with its ancient tradition and vocation about high quality production of fruits and vegetables: a new line, the "R" line

Is now on the market, an offer of typical Apulian products precisely and carefully selected among Peaches, Nectarines,   table Grapes, Cherries and many others. Social and environmental sustainability are the key of the relationship between companies and producers.

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